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House Keeping Services

House Keeping services works on call

House Keeping will be done by our team on call. After your call our company customer care will give a call to get an appointment. As soon as you gives an appointment our team will comes to your house and start cleaning. Our team takes maximum of 2 to 3 hours time to make your house clean. And Home Cleaning Servant available in Bangalore.

We are having 2 varieties of housekeeping.

1.Monthly Contract : We will deploy a housekeeping team in your premises they will do the regular house keeping under our supervision against contract and bill will be claimed on monthly basis.

2.One time cleaning : If you signed for one time cleaning our team will come and do the house keeping maximum within 48 hours,

2 more cleaning as complimentary with in another 2 months.


Single bed room : Rs.5,000/
Double bed rooms : Rs.10,000/-
Three bed rooms Rs.15,000/
Four bed rooms : Rs.20,000/-
Five bed rooms : Rs.25,000/-
Pent house : Rs.30,000/-

Our Company Domestic Services provides housekeeping services to various sectors including Hotels, Embassies, Industrial Facilities, Guest Houses, Retail Stores, Commercial Buildings, Factories, Manufacturing Plants, Offices, Shopping Malls , Cultural Institutes, Cinema Halls, Showrooms, Corporate Houses, Office Buildings, Educational Institutes, Homes, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, etc.

Our company offer wide range of housekeeping services such as Moping and Cleaning of Floors, Dusting of windowsills and ledges, Washing tile floors, Cleaning of ashtrays and wastebaskets, Cleaning all telephones, Vacuuming of carpets , Clearing garbage, Vacuuming of furniture, Dusting of shelves & base boards, Cleaning window glasses and partitions, Removing cobwebs, etc

Our company provides Quarterly House keeping maintenance to domestic apartments, club houses, Individual bungalows and commercial apartments. Quarterly house keeping maintenance services provides Housekeeping services once in a month for 3 times per quarter. In each visit Our people will come as a team and they will do the total housekeeping services to your domestic premises in a spic and span process and they will go off

A proper housekeeping prevents the growth of mould in wet areas, building of lime scales on taps, toilets stinking, accumulation of cobwebs and bacterial growth on garbage. Housekeeping involves usage of various tools including brooms, sponges, vacuum cleaners, mops; along with cleaning products like bleaching agent, detergents, and disinfectants. The housekeeping is done not only to make the home look clean but also to make it more hygienic and safer to live in comfortably.

There are many housekeeping companies in Bangalore that provides wide range of facilities management services such as horticulture and landscaping, electrical and engineering maintenance, general housing, waste management, building management and maintenance, high rise glass cleaning, pest control services, front façade cleaning, water tank cleaning, etc.

Common Housekeeping Services


It is a widely used procedure for removing the dust that accumulates on household surfaces over time. Dust poses some serious problems including making the surfaces dirty and causing sneezing and breathing trouble when it is disturbed and suspended in the air. Dust also makes the clothes dirty and leads to allergy in some cases.

A wide variety of tools are used for the removal of dust including dust cloths, dust mops for smooth floors , vacuum cleaners, Feather and lamb's wool dusters, furniture spray disposable paper , cotton and polyester dust cloths. Vacuum cleaners are highly popular tools for removing dust from not so easy to reach surfaces such as carpets, rugs, hard surfaces and upholstery.

Disposing of waste

One of the important aspects of housekeeping is the disposal of waste products. The plastic bags are used commonly for collecting the litter. These plastic bags are designed specifically for this purpose and available in sizes that fit common trash cans and waste baskets. In some cases, people also use the paper bags for carrying glass jars, aluminium cans and other things. The waste products can be recycled and used again in some cases.

Removal of dirt

Bucket and Sponge are used along with cleaner for removing spills and stains that exist at various places in the home. A spray bottle is also used for removing the stains.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

The corporate cleaning service providers also offer Janitorial Cleaning Services including Cleaning, Maintenance and Security Services. These Janitorial Cleaning services are usually offered to the various sectors such as offices, hospitals, residential homes, restaurants, and other commercial buildings. Commonly applied Janitorial Cleaning Services

  • Cleaning of wall
  • Restroom sensitization
  • Waste Removal
  • Sweep Hard Surfaces
  • Wet Moping of floors

Glass / Facade Cleaning Services

The glass needs to be handled with great care and it should be protected from being scratched. Therefore the cleaning of glass surfaces is done by applying various cleaning tools. It is essential to complete the wiping and sponging in an appropriate manner for best results. The glass cleaning services are widely used in various sectors including corporate houses, apparel houses, hotels, showrooms, cinema halls , malls, educational institution, cultural institution, etc.

Using Tools

The various tools used in housekeeping are as follows.

  • Brooms for removing debris from floors
  • Dustpans carry dust and debris are swept into them
  • Buckets for holding solutions for cleaning and rinsing
  • Vacuum cleaners/Carpet sweepers for removing surface dust and debris
  • Chamois leather and Squeegees for the purpose of window-cleaning
  • Mops for the purpose of washing floors
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